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Listen to this man, top Cop Ramli..

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“Alhamdulillah, today justice has been delivered. Thanks to God for having vindicated me from all these false allegations against me. I have lost almost everything; my rank, career and my reputation. My deepest gratitude to my wife, Anita, who has stood by me throughout this darkest moment in my life,” he told reporters.

– Ramli-

“To all the men in blue, I say to you — do your job fearlessly and professionally. Uphold your oath of office to ‘sedia berkhidmat.’ Do not be afraid of the syndicate. Protect the innocent.

“To all who wield power in their hands, be mindful of God’s promise that on the day of judgment, you shall be held accountable for even an atom’s weight of evil,” he said without identifying the “syndicate” he referred to.


Ramli described the period when he was charged for corruption as the “darkest moment in my life”. He felt that he was victimised by this “Syndicate”, ( those people with  power). Logically, it should be the hands of the law that caught up with him. But the court found that he should be acquited. Who are this Syndicate ? Surely they must be the powerful hands above him.

Ramli also took this opportunity to advise the “men in blue”. His advise for them is to act base on the law without fear or favour. Do not fall prey to this “syndicate”. …I think he can see that the “syndicate” cannot act against you if you are truthful, i.e on the same side with the Law.

My admiration  to him for his holistic comment to the syndicate. Maybe he had been looking back at his actions that brought him to the “darkest period”.  Man who is victimesed will always seek for God. 

Surely, man will be accountabled to every grain of his action on earth in the hereafter. Even to the smallest  i.e a grain of his deed will be rewarded and he must pay for even a grain of evil.

May Allah bless us all


Written by machitam

March 12, 2010 at 5:28 pm

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