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Najib pre-Aid ul Fitr message

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Najib gave a warning to all parties about stern action to be taken against those who indulge in the Cabinet Papers on Port Klang Free Zone(PKFZ) which is under the OSA.  As if he is implying that the people should not know about the scandal. As if Najib is “flushing” the gomen tranparency and accountability policy, he once preached down the toilet bowl. I think he has RPK’s face lingering in his mind.

Instead of “revealing” the truth and put those responsible to book, Najib had pulled the Hand brake when the car was running at top speed. The AG and the MACC is as usual, blind as they were before.

No problem for Najib.The malays do not understand at all about PKFZ scandal. Thanks to Utusan for “covering it up”. Now Najb and his cohorts think that they are safe and sound.

The rakyat can just forget about the RM24 billions lost. Malaysia boleh!

So, to all readers and friends. Wishing you Eid Ul Fitr Ul Mubarak.


Written by machitam

September 19, 2009 at 10:46 pm

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