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UMNO is playing a dangerous game!

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UMNO at it again. First, they fan and incite malay hatred and racial sentiment in the malay’s newspaper, Utusan and Berita Harian. They made a little headway where in Manek Urai by-election they managed swing the votes back to UMNO. They were celebrating as if they had won a war. It works. The plot works. Slapping their chest and shout “the malays political power is with us..the malay will suffer without UMNO…we are more Islamic than PAS. Anwar is a traitor to the malay…” 

The plot continue in Shah Alam. They raise the issue of beer selling. All this while during UMNO rule, never was this issue raise. In fact, many had expressed their concern of malay youth were consuming beer. Khalid managed to clear the matter. UMNO’s Khairy was not happy. He blow his dirty trumpet all over Shah Alam. The rakyat smile when saw the childish act.

The plot goes on. MACC was directed to “stir sh*t” on PR ADUN especially on those from DAP. This will paint the picture that the malay are victim to the non-malay chinese. Chinese ADUN dorminate over PR’s Malay ADUN. PR ADUN “corruption” are worst. But there was a blunder. MACC was careless in undergoing the “investigation”. It backfired!

UMNO lost badly at Permatang Pasir. Not only they failed to swing the malay support from PAS, they lost the chinese support en masse. This is more alarming. They must do something. They must get the malays to “return” to UMNO. The plot continue…

After friday prayer, they brought a cow’s head to the State Secretariat and again beating their chest and shout ” MB Khalid Ibrahim is a traitor to malay and Islam…if Khalid continue to build the temple in section 23…akan ada pertumpahan darah!” The police just watch and look on. Some were since nodding in agreement. You can tell by looking in their eyes. The statement itself is damaging. This is declaring a “civil war”. Racial unrest look eminent but there were only 50 to 100 of them “paid UMNO goons” on the ground.  Previously MP Theresa Kok was arrested under ISA merely just by a report made by Khir Toyol in the internet?



Written by machitam

August 29, 2009 at 10:39 am

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