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“…the tens of thousands peace-loving Malaysians who were caught for hours in the logjam as they tried to enter the City or pass through it and to the traders who were robbed of their income…” an UMNO blogger

No doubt the tens of thousands is the majority. I agreed with this man. But I disagree for him to condemed the demontrators because the real perpetrators were the police. It was an orchestrated move by the police.

I was caught twice in the so call lockjam. On Friday evening, I was driving to KLIA to pick up my son arriving from London at 5.30 pm Malaysian Time. But there was this massive traffic jam at Jalan Tun Razak near PNB. There were no demontrators anywhere near. Someone called and informed me that the police had block Sg Besi and all the nearby access road. But earlier I had already knew that there was no demontration after Friday prayer. Later I had to call my sons on his U.K tel number(luckily he telco can give auto international roaming. Malaysian telco will not provide this!) asking him to take the ERL thinking that I can pick him up at K.L Sentral. No, I was wrong. I was caught for 1 hour at the same spot(PNB). Again, I called and told my son to take the LRT. I manage to squeeze thru and made it to the LRT station but my son had reached the station half an hour earlier.

Two days prior to the day, I had made a reservation with a restaurant for a family dinner that night. I had canceled the reservation and we end up having dinner at a nearby mamak restaurant. In the car, I tuned to the radio. there were no news of any demontrations anywhere. But a lot of news about traffic jams.

The next day, Saturday, 1st August,  I had gone to Gombak toll plaza waiting for my daughter who took a bus at 8.00 am from Kuantan. I was there as early as 10.30 am. The traffic were flowing well. Suddenly this police cars and landrover arrive and immediately close the road at down stream of the toll plaza. They closed the road for 15 minutes until the jam was about a mile long upstream of the toll plaza. My daughter called and informed me that her bus was already near the toll plaza . The bus driver said that he cannot stop at the spot after the toll plaza because of the road block but he will let her down at the bus stop near the Gombak Mosque. Therefore I drove to the mosque. There were no demonstration anywhere nearby. Even there were not many people near Taman Melewar area.

I am a peace loving malaysian. But I don’t think that the police are peace loving either. The BN leaders are not peace loving also. They make use of the police and let the peace malaysian suffer in order to protect their interest in preserving the ISA inhuman law to be use against their political foe for their political interest.

Damn you UMNO….Najib, Hishamuddin and the IGP…..


Written by machitam

August 3, 2009 at 12:13 am

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