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I’m Bond…Khairy Bond….Unity Talk..Never say never….

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Sensing that Mujahid Yusuf Rawa had managed to deflect salvo, Khairy quoted this Bond movie title Never Say Never.  ” don’t say that the door for unity discussion between UMNO-PAS is closed. We must be open hearted to look for the best opportunity for a discussion “demi perpaduan melayu” said Khairy on Astro Awani forum live last night. However Khairy was in the studio while Yusuf gave his opinion from remote.

Khairy can’t hide the fact that all the statements  made by Khairy reveal UMNO’s “niat jahat” to destroy the PR coalitions which is getting stronger by the hour.

The last the unity talk commenced after the March 2008 political Tsunami when UMNO made the offer after realising that  it lost the support of  the majority malays to PAS. At that time there was a “conducive environment”. But with PR pact getting stronger and considering the fact that PAS must ensure and preserve the trust among PR parties. Mujahid seems able to visions the impact on PAS may lost the support of  of largely the Chinese and Indian vote. PKR  malay supporters may desert PAS. UMNO will kick out PAS when they see that the malays have settled and are confortable with UMNO.

Khairy looks like a straight forward politician. A novice who cannot emoulate Jame Bond. He blatantly or “hidup hidup”  attacked TG Nik Aziz and Husam Musa while praising Nasharuddin and Kedah PAS. This is a clear cut “divide and rule” political manourvering. But Mujahid, with fine skill told Khairy that while pursuing an agenda such as the unity talk, we have to talk to our partners the DAP and PKR. “We cannot destroy what we have in pursuing this..” said Mujahid.


Written by machitam

June 9, 2009 at 10:18 am

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