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Perak DUN May 7th fiasco…

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A fiasco in the dewan. Speaker microphone was switch off. Suspended ADUN Hee Yit Foong with the backing of UMNO ADUN “forcefully” shoved out the Speaker V.Sivakumar. They had hijacked the Perak DUN. BN violated every law on earth to cling on to the illegitimate Power.



What a shame! the world is watching this fiasco..

The plan as to coax the ADUN to attend the sitting. But media blockage, undemocratic and abuse of civil rights where police orders and arrest of those who wear black attire or gather near DUN. Barricade of roads etc. LKS said it looks like a “War Zone”. I called it a scene of a  “Police State”.

In the beginning the seating arrangement was orderly. The Speaker, Sivakumar was seated on the Speaker Chair. The rightful goverment, PR ADUN were seated on the right of the speaker. The legitimate MB Nizar was seated on the first seat of the front row. Zambry, the illegal MB was seated on the opposition side i.e left side of the speaker.

Chaos began. Sivakumar ordered, Zambry and co(suspended ADUN) to  leave the dewan as per resolutions passed by  “Under The Tree”  DUN sitting. Zambry refuse to barge. He fired his first salvo to remove Sivakumar as Speaker and be replaced by Ganesan(this guy is not even an elected reps or ADUN), I wonder how in the first place he can get into the dewan. The Speaker Siva, rejected the motion. Hee the frog(ADUN Jelapang ) went up and told Siva that she is taking over as Speaker. She ordered Sivakumar to vacate the chair and leave the dewan. There was a scuffle. Siva microphone was shut off. Siva still seated as if he was glued to the chair. The dewan appeared to be like a pasar borong. Adun from both sides were shouting at each other.

Later BN  ADUN commenced the assembly sitting at  one corner minus the Speaker but with Hee the frog as deputy Speaker was chairing the illegal sitting. BN ADUN passed a motion to remove the legitimate Speaker and Ganesan was appointed the new Speaker.

FRU enter the Perak Secretariat Building. Later the Dewan Sergeant-at Arms and 10 policemen(SBs’) were ordered(by unseen hands…er…the new illegal Speaker Ganesan) to removed Siva. They actually physically removed him i.e dragged Siva out of the dewan.

The 2Perak is borned. The state with 2 MBs’, 2 Speakers and 2 dewan is borned and brought….

…SHAME to Malaysia!


Written by machitam

May 7, 2009 at 11:24 am

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