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Is it true that the space for alternative views is shrinking?

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The Mainstream Medias has already awaken. They will going for a rampage, to stampede whoever going against their way. Were they been sleeping all this while? UMNO and BN had blamed the MSM for losing the support since March 2008. They have not done enough to “neutralise” the rakyat from the wrath of the alternative media. The internet media runs like while fire in deseminating infomation unfavourable to BN/UMNO to the rakyat. But the MSM just stood there as if they did not have a clue of what to do.

The irony is the MSM is trying to sell their product or become the propaganda tool of the ruling goverment? One of the agenda of the new Najib goverment is to to get back the rakyat support they once had. How would they do this? by hook or by crook? The believe that Mahathirism had managed to “turn over” the rakyat until the rakyat believe that no other party except BN can run Malaysia.  What is the mentality of the rakyat at present? Is it the same now? 

If Najib think that Mahatirism will work this time…it will be a blessing in disguise for the alternative come PRU13.


Written by machitam

May 2, 2009 at 4:50 pm

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