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Which is which, Ungrateful or not appreciative?

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2 days ago, DPM Muhyidin was interviewed with mingguan daily;

Soalan; … “Tetapi bukankah setiap kali pilihan raya kecil, permintaan kaum bukan Melayu dipenuhi, malah di Bukit Gantang walaupun peruntukan RM1juta diberikan tetapi kaum Cina tidak juga menyokong BN?”…

Jawapan: DPM “…..“Ini yang mungkin menyebabkan sukar BN mendapat sokongan walaupun kita fikir bila mereka hendak sekolah Cina dibantu, kita bantu, sepatutnya mereka membalas budi.”


The deputy prime minister denied he had used the word “ungrateful” to describe the community in the wake of the ruling party’s defeat in the Bukit Gantang by-election.

“If they don’t know Malay, we can send them to school,” said Muhyiddin, who is also the new education minister.” he added.

membalas budi= grateful.

If you don’t “membalas budi” means you are “ungrateful” . After the chinese community was given so much money(RM 1 million plus other goodies), Muhyidin had implied that the non-malays was ungrateful because they did not vote for BN in the Bukit Gantang By-Election.

But it seems that the DPM has a different understanding of the malay word “membalas budi”. According to Muhyidin, the meaning of the word “membalas budi” as “not appreciative”.  He actually use the word “sepatutnya mereka membalas budi”
So, who suppose to go back to school to study malay? or As Education minister, Muhyidin should instruct all schools to “revise” the meaning of a word “membalas budi”to mean “appreciate”.  Maybe Muhyidin want to create a language subject of “pembelajaran bahasa melayu didalam bahasa inggeris” or what?

After all the big hoo haa….the issue is simple …. non-malay do not vote  BN.  Whatever BN gave for “pancing undi” was the rakyat money. Rakyat Kelantan have been doing this for long time. It is about time other voters will follow suit. The money is ours. It is the tax payer money. It is our money.  

As a malay, moo think that, it does not matter because the malay must vote for BN. If the malay do not vote for UMNO/BN automatically the malay is “derhaka” which is far worst than “ungrateful”. Therefore the non malays should not worry too much.


Written by machitam

April 14, 2009 at 9:42 pm

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  1. Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.
    Thank you


    April 16, 2009 at 10:13 am

  2. Hi there,
    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

    Have a nice day


    April 15, 2009 at 4:53 pm

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