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Poor Khairy been snubbed!

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Under his fil Abdullah, he wasn’t picked because Abdullah did not want to be accused of favouring his sil. At that time, Abdullah was trying to project his Mr. Clean image( clean my foot!)

Somehow under Najib, this smart alec was sidelined. To coverup, Khairy said that he was “specially” request by Najib to concentrate on UMNO “transformation”…er (transform and not reform..why is that?). No Khairy!  UMNO don’t work collectively and never will. UMNO work with money and power. The ultimate power is the president. He has money and power. His money will grow at rocket speed. His power will be ultimate. The Judiciary, judges, the police, the MACC,  Bank governor and Public Account Auditors etc will be his “pawn”.  He is the King. Everyone is under his mercy. Even Mahathir. As for now, it look like Najib is Mahathir! no! it’s the other way round. Najib is just making use of Mahathir. For a start I suppose…


Written by machitam

April 10, 2009 at 9:16 am

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