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Malaysia’s Pakatan Rakyat: A year after the historic March 8, 2008

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Now it is already one year after 8th March 2008 General Election(308), the historic day when the ruling BN lost it two-third majority in the House. UMNO, the main or the lead component party of Barisan National(BN) is still in a state of denial. UMNO is looking for it lost soul. Do UMNO really has a soul?

The worst thing is, UMNO has lost it direction. They going around in circle, UMNO is lost, within the jungle of their own misery. The malays, which comprise of 60% of the population continue to split further. UMNO is now playing the racist card in a last straw to revert the malays back into it fold. UMNO have made secret discussion with PAS, in the name of malay unity. In a desperate attempt, UMNO made use of the Palace, the Sultan, The Raja Raja Melayu Institution, in a smearing  campaign. Not satisfied with the outcome of the racist campaign, UMNO step on old tune of Ketuanan Melayu(Malay Supremacy). However the ketuanan Melayu thing only benefited the selected few of the malays. The rich malay becoming richer while the por malay becoming even poorer. There are a lot of this poor malays in Dire Straits, living in goverment t.o.l land for as long 30 years. The last time, UMNO leaders deep a Keris(Malay dagger) in the chinese blood, to burn the racial fuel for the malays to show that they are supreme. Yet, the leaders, behind the curtain, laughing away, having happy hours with the chinese towkays and mafias. They are throwing stones at Opposition Pakatan Rakyat(PR), the coalition party Defacto Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim”s PKR, Lim Kit Siang’s DAP and Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang’s PAS. They accused the non-malays and PR malays that they  are “derhaka” to the King/Sultan for refusing to accept the unconstitutional sacking of PR MB Datuk Nizar Jamaluddin. It bear fruit, when the PR’s Perak goverment fall to UMNO. Perak is in a state of “the constitutional Crisis”. Issues from both sides were brought to court. UMNO is clinging on to power. UMNO refused to give in. A snap election will be the most favourable solution. A fresh mandate from the rakyat will be the best bet. The Sultan, it’s seems to be on UMNO side and the UMNO best bet for the malays to back them.

As for the other BN’s major component party, i.e MCA(Chinese) and MIC(Indian), both this parties has lost the bulk of it members or support. The MCA chieftains are not in taliking term. The President Ong and Deputy Chua can’t see face to face. Chua was sidelined by Ong. Chua , once the blue eye boy of MCA was smeared with the notorious “blue movie” recording. He claimed that he is a victim of a poltical conspiracy. On the other hand, Ong was smiling in glee went the video CD resurface. There are camps in MCA. They are spending so much energy trying to outwit each other. The chinese keep on moving out. The chinese now consider MCA  association with UMNO is humiliating.

As for MIC, they were split a long time ago. MIC is always a one man, a dictator party i.e Samy Vellu. Those who tow Samy’s line, will be rich together with their families. Those who go against Samy will be castrated. The Indian schools issue, education fund, embezzlement of fund are always MIC trade mark. But no action was taken. Samy rules. In 308, the MIC no. 1, Samy lost his Sg Siput seat which is already sinonym to his name. Samy is no longer in the goverment but police dare not take action against Samy, why? Maybe Samy knows a lot of secret on others BN leaders. There is also an exodus of MIC members leaving the party. The MIC Samy, a chief without the Indians!

Another BN component party, Gerakkan, once the Champions of Penang,  is in the state of  “hidup segan, mati tak mau”  literally means, frustrated to live but don’t want to die! They are unrepresented in any BN goverment but they frequently open their mouth on issues, especially on Penang. Wonder what are they  thinking? They had already became irrelevant.

It has been one year since PR were given the mandate by the people to rule 5 states, with the will of God. The fives states are the most successful and colourful of Peninsular Malaysia’s 11 states. The five, Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor. Though Perak, fall due to PR slim majoriy and the defections of the three PR’s ADUN to BN, Perak seems to be the most successful of the PR state. MB Nizar of Perak was doing very well and love by the rakyat when he was suddenly ousted via a back door attempted by UMNO. See, how UMNO main belakang! 

Kelantan is safe and sound. Nik Aziz and gang had gone through tough times prior to March 8, 2008. UMNO was badly “roll over” in the 308 election. This even caught TG Nik Aziz and other PAS leaders by suprise. It’s UMNO Kelantan worst nightmare. It left UMNO Kelantan to be in a state of shock. Thus nothing significant occured except for the frog King Ibrahim Ali, who prior to 308, literally begged TG to contest under PAS banner. He won, but now, he is stabbing PAS back.

Kedah, Penang and Selangor are not free of “interferences” from BN. They are using the goverment machinery to achieve their goals. Lim Guan Eng, the Penang Ketua Menteri is one good example of PR no monkey business. He is a symbol of unity for PR. PAS supporters are beginning to “love” him. The very day he hold the reign, he uplift the dignity of Muslim Fardhu Ain teachers by increasiing their migre allowance. He even quote the great muslim Khalifah(leader) Umar Abdul Aziz way of running the country. Penang UMNO leaders were stunt and their mouth were so wide open that flies start to lay eggs inside.

Selangor MB, Khalid was not spared also. MACC continue to frequently knock on his door. The irony is, the ex UMNO MB Khir Toyol, was not touch, even a bit. Instead the police acted base on Toyol  statement. This Khir Toyo is the real Toyol(naughty thief ghost). PR MP, In the early 308. Theresa Kok was detained by ISA, detention without trial. The accussation made by Toyol is Theresa had incited hatred among the muslim community for complaining to tone down the volume of the Azan(muslim call for prayer) of a mosque, of which the Mosque commitee outright deny. In fact, this “Azan” issue was raised during Toyol tenure as Selangor MB. It was not an Azan issue after all. The actual issue was to tone down volume of a long hours of Islamic ceramah in the particular mosque where the loud speaker was glaring the whole Taman. As a Wakil Rakyat, Theresa did received the copy of the complaint. She was not involved at all. After much media  and bloggers interference, Teresa was released. What a joke! But at least ISA was made infamous. ISA had received an award,  “the most pariah law” of mankind created and preserved by UMNO. Islam is against an unjust Law of detaining a person without trial. But UMNO is putting a deaf ear. UMNO knows that ISA is a “Golden” weapon to shut off political foes. 

Surely,  for the past one year, PR has gone thru what BN/UMNO had never gone thru for the last 50 years. This will be a good test for PR.  A good exercise. The trials and trabulations for PR leaders. In case, God willing, will form a Federal Goverment one day. If PR succed in wresting control in the next GE. But PR should not be relying so much on it defacto leader DS AnwarIbrahim. Without doubt, Anwar is the factor for reform. No other leaders in Malaysia can unite the multi-racial and multi-religious rakyat. UMNO /BN was and is going after Anwar. They want to shut him down for good. Mahathir had tried it ten years ago. But Anwar rebirth and becoming even stronger. But the future look bleak for Anwar since the “sodomy 2” is in the making. The coalition is getting stronger by the day. They must get united and become stronger. I think, in the next four years, by the time PR is facing the next GE(PRU13), the new kid on the block, will rise and will be the new “The Rock”. Infomation must flow. It must be disseminated  more and faster to reach all walk of lives. The rakyat will be made mature enough and to reject the party(UMNO) that promote racism, corruption, cronism, nepotism and monarchysism(making use of the Raja Raja Melayu) A new Malaysia is about and will be borned.


Written by machitam

March 9, 2009 at 12:40 pm

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