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The UMNO “three stooges” debate – which way there’re heading?

Khir Toyo, chauvinistically and bluntly defending the “ketuanan melayu”.  “jika politic melayu tumbang, negara akan tumbang.  I am puzzle of what he ment by “politik melayu”. Either he is refering to UMNO or the malay political power. What we are aware is that the Malaysian Constitution has already provided for the special previledge accorded to Islam and the Malays. Every malaysian must uphold this constitution. So, kalau UMNO tumbang? padan dengan muka UMNO kerana pemimpinnya masih lagi didalam keadaan “in a state of denial” . Tidak mahu mengubah keadaan. Masih lagi bergelumang dengan rasuah dan mengabaikan rakyat.


Khairy Jamaludin, Though while defending his father-in-law(for the GE 2004 achievement), the setback of GE 2008 can be a lesson to “reform” UMNO. I like the way he sees the issues. But what are the ingredients of reform? PKR already has this reform in place.

As for Mukhriz, this guy has no bearing, no direction. I should say no vision. Macam dipaksa masuk politic! He is emoluting his father, TDM the person to be blame for puting the ship in disrepute. Mukhriz masih “berkhayal”. Alas, I can sense that this guy seem to be the best bet for the top UMNO youth post. The revival of Mahathirism is cominng on our way. He will be the best bet for Najib.

Yes, the three stooges must tow the line. the line of umno mentality. this is not about nationalism. It is about extremism and racism. Still in a state of denial, umno continue to fan this zionis like mentality. they’re are banking on it to achieve their goal, to be the top spot of this dominance party.

as i see it, if they continue to blow up this sentiment, it will lead to destruction of umno or widen the racial gap among various races in the country. We will be like “masih ditakuk lama”

two issues here, malay supremacy or ketuanan melayu(umno version not malay version) and the upholding of the institution of Raja Raja Melayu(not the constitutional monarchy) as ensyringe in the constitution.

the reality is, this what has been “self motivated” and playing in the mind of UMNO malays. the lost of malays support for umno caused this umno leaders not to ponder about their mistake or misdeeds(corruption and cronism) but they got their feeling  by instilling this corrupt mentality of malay supremacy, they will get their support from the malays. PAS and PKR had already eroded the chunk of the malay support to their side. UMNO knows for sure that they will not be able to recover.  half or more of the malays will continue to dissert them. Further more, the non-malays are not too keen with this “outdated ketuanan melayu” concept. UMNO thought that it will be better to make the malays desert PKR and PAS rather than change their mindset to do away with this outdated racism and extremism. there’re are banking on it. with 60% malay composition in the population, they thought they can succeed if  ideally all the malays must revert to UMNO. No two way about it.

this what UMNO are….in a state of denial


Written by machitam

February 18, 2009 at 5:09 pm

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