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I found this list in Malaysia-Today. I reckon that the list was created during the time went MT was hacked and blocked by MCMC.

Anyway, I’m going thru the list. I will pick things that I can do. This will help in our “war” against UMNO. We have to start somewhere. Infact saudara bloggers in the bloggers community had already started not long ago. The ball has start rolling. At least we can contribute however small but the impact it will give to UMNO will help us in this “war”. 51 years is enough of what UMNO has done to the nation. We have lost our values. Malaysia Boleh negative culture of tolerating corruption, nepotism and cronism have start to turn into a chronic cancer.

This, as suggested by Batsman
written by batsman, December 03, 2008 16:16:13

Raise funds for MT and Petralite activities
Act as conduit / distribution channel for merchandise
Act as look outs / early warning system / communication system
Take photos, videos, audios / act as people’s reporters
Write articles or make U-tube / DVD documentaries
Act as lobby group, organize boycotts
Conduct lectures on rights of citizens, legal matters, election rules, constitution…
Promote activism around the social justice theme
Train activists / “moderators” / commentators
Promote racial unity and non-violence
Organise self-help / support groups / gotong royong / welfare
Organise reading clubs / discussion groups
Provide assistance to friendly NGOs (eg GMI) if needed
Training on issues related to activism eg self-protection, SOPs, what to do in case of …..
Raise and train volunteers during elections
Train speakers and supporting technical, organizing workers
Organise your neighbourhood to promote and support MT
Boost morale & discipline
Act as information / advice / counselling centre
Build libraries / databases on relevant topics
Interact with other Petralite groups for mutually beneficial / supporting exchanges.
Identify, select and recruit more Petralites


Written by machitam

February 17, 2009 at 4:19 pm

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