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The Sultan role is purely ceremonial?

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The act of “sacking” the Perak MB, Datuk Nizar, is it constitutional? Thus if the Sultan does not have the right to sack an MB or the head of a Perak state goverment, the Sultan cannot accept audience for an oath taking of  a secand MB. Thus if the Sultan act unconstitutional, who can act on the Sultan? Is the Sultan above the law?

Anyway, Najib was a failure in two contitutional by-election but was successful in throwing out the PR Perak state goverment unconstitutionally. Of course, making use of the Sultan. It is still lingering in my mind of how can this happen? Why the Sultan Azlan Shah, a former lord president, wearing executive power, more than willing made way for Najib pressure? I am sure Sultan Azlan Shah, is aware!  Aware that constitutionally, he is not a person but a symbol to the constitution. The Sultan should have advise Najib and his “traitors” that his role is pure ceremonial.  The Dewan Undangan Negeri is the right forum for BN to topple the PR  goverment by votes of no confidence. The Sultan can only act leads on the advise of the MB or DUN i.e decision by DUN Perak to oust Nizar. The irony is, the Sultan was not swift when Nizar’s use his rights under the constitution, request to dissolve the Dewan Undangan Negeri. Why?

I felt that, since 8th March 2008, maybe the Sultan was not happy that BN/UMNO lost Perak to PR. I am saying this because of events occured when Nizar, a PAS reps, was nominated for MB post. The Sultan advise the PR to go home and come back later with a consensus. This was unusual. Maybe it was UMNO bickering that made the Sultan to act in this manner. Also UMNO had expressed it racist sentiments Perak will be controlled by chinese. UMNO is a good “penghasut” The Sultan fall prey to hasutan UMNO?

Further more, as what UMNO did to Kelantan and Terengganu, Perak and other PR states, will be deprived of federal support. All federal projects on these 5 states will be put on hold. It was proven in Penang. Federal goverment daylight robbery!

To all Malaysian, do you want this “malay traitors” racist  UMNO to continue to reign in the multi-racial, multi-religious Malaysia? Don’t let these “traitors”  destroy our children future!


Written by machitam

February 10, 2009 at 1:22 pm

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