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Perak’s “illegal” goverment. UMNO create history and destroy democracy.

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BN had hijacked the Perak goverment. It was a “pariah” act. A desperado attempt. The scenario is sickening.

First, BN laid a trap onto the two Perak PR govermant exco. In a hush the two exco were charge in court. This is part of the “pariah” move for the Permatang Pauh by- election campaign. UMNO still with its’ trademark “lempar batu sembunyi tangan”. UMNO/Bn never learn. The rakyat had signaled, to showed them the door. UMNO claimed the lost in Permatang Pauh was because Anwar Ibrahim was “given” the seat that he desperately “begged” his wife to part with. A wedding anniversary present of sort.

Later they lost the KT by-election. That’s it. It can be considered a referendum for Najib or UMNO. By now UMNO has been pondering rather than realising that money can’t buy “love”. The rakyat, especially the younger generation and the non-malays have begun to response to the “wake up call”.

This RM brain, rasuah UMNO, it seems will never learn.  Money “plundered”  from the rakyat with unimagineable amount might as well be put to “useful” or berbaloi  project haram. Actually Perak “ops rampas” was put on hold since Permatang Pauh. They had planned to topple Perak right from the beginning. In fact, during the disastrous night of 8-March-2008. The two greedy Perak exco are so vulnerable. They were the bad hats of PR goverment. Thus an easy prey for UMNO. The two had realised that their days with PR are numbered. They will not fit to the PR objectives of a clean and good governance. “Why not take the offer, money and UMNO can drop chargers. Don;t anybody realize that UMNO hand still control MACC? Who cares! BN I win, PR I lose. Therefore they went ” MIA”.  Later they rejoined UMNO.  How much rasuah money were paid to them, only God’s know! Also UMNO manage to “bought over” one more PR Adun( a cripple), a deputy speaker to join in the “party”. What is she thinking?

But who the hell is SPR for rejecting Perak speaker notice that the two ADUN had resigned. Who’s the unseen hands that  “dictate” SPR to reject the speaker notice?  Where is SPR impatiality?

The Sultan of Perak  acted beyond his power. The Sultan as the “constitutional Monarchy” do not have the power to reject or decide who suppose to be the goverment of Perak. The Sultan also do not have the power to reject the Menteri Besar as the head of the executive of the Perak goverment to dissolve ADUN Perak.  As long as there is no motion in the State Assembly from BN/UMNO, the Sultan must not “meddle”.

Malaysia UMNO had made the “Pariah” history of creating an illegal goverment!


Written by machitam

February 7, 2009 at 12:34 am

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