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aftermath of KT by-election, Najib with his “muka tarpal” still…

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Najib still think that UMNO or BN is still intact eventhough UMNO was defeated with votes swinging to PR partner PAS. Mahathir as usual continue to put a blame on PM Abdullah Badawi on the defeat. Abdullah team of corrupt leaders caused the rakyat to reject BN. The irony is, Abdullah inherited the team from Mahathir. Mahathir was responsible for protecting these corrupt leaders. In fact, most of these leaders were left out by Abdullah but penetrate due to the strong backup from this dirty old man Mahathir.

“Leaders who are discredited, who are involved with corruption, are still being chosen as candidates,” Mahathir said, without naming names.

“If they want to win, get rid of these people.”

Who are these people(corrupt leaders)? 99.9% of them are UMNO leaders. So, will Najib get rid of these people, including himself ? After Tun Hussein Onn, the 3rd PM, UMNO members evolve into a dirty political culture of nepotism, cronism and corruption. This is because the party is a race and nationalistic base. Mahathir is to be blame for the “evolution” or transformation of this corrupt culture. UMNO malays which is 99.9% muslim only regards Islam as part of their “past  time” They sideline Islam. They make use of Islam only if it is to their advantage.

A lot had been said about Najib involvement in corruption of the highest order e.g the Scofene Submarine, PKN project, Altantuya issues, Saiful sodomy things etc. Najib, the PM in waiting is belived to be Mahathir proxy. He is receiving backup from Mahathir leutenants.

There are many big question mark lingering on Najib.

Najib – Mahathir – Abdullah – UMNO …2×5…5×2..


Written by machitam

January 18, 2009 at 7:11 pm

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