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Bkt Antarabangsa Landslide

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After 15 years of the tragic Highland Tower disaster, the autourity is still “bickering” about hillside developement.
Another massive landslide occurred on early morning (4 am)Saturday which claimed 3 lives. 14 houses were buried with occupants still sleeping at that time. Rescue workers are still looking for people still trapped in 2 of 14 of the buried bungalows. 2000 nearby resident were evacuated because of there is a potential of another landslide may occur.

As usual, in bolehland, politicians and the PM and his deputy issue “warnings” to “whom it may concern” that hillside developement must be stop immediately. Other “smart alec” politician blaming each other. Unlike 15 years ago where the whole nation mourned the Highland Tower tragedy, this tragedy is a wakeup call for the “crooked” ruling politicians whom are only concern for the few VIPs’ and the real estate agent rather than the rakyat well being. It’s most likely that these real estate “kings'” are the politician themselves.
I’m sick and tired of this “politician….


Written by machitam

December 8, 2008 at 2:38 pm

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