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Fatwa on Yoga

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Fatwa applies to muslim. Fatwa is a consenses from the council of Ulamak. Non muslim should not get offended if the fatwa or decree was issued against a practice e.g Yoga which is a practice originated from Hinduism. Thus non-muslim Yoga practitioner or the Hindu society should not take heed because the fatwa do not apply to them. As for the muslim, the fatwa can be disputed or put on hold until a tedious discussion which will eventually be concluded. In my opinion a Fatwa should not “gazetted” hastily. Non-muslim has no jurisdiction and should not interfere in this issue.

I’m in the opinion that if only the physical element of Yoga is practice as a form of exercise is save for muslim. Thus only a knowlegeable muslim(muslim with ILMU can adapt Yoga so that other muslim will be “guided” in practicing Yoga


Written by machitam

November 26, 2008 at 5:30 pm

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