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Seven years ago former PM drM made a call, MERITOCRACY to be introduce into our social system. UMNO hailed “aye! aye! a great suggestion ! from a great leader. it’s timely..and the usual trademark lines. All these BUMNO don’t even understand what is it “meritocracy” ? or “menatang apa tuh?” Like they always do, they will shout slogan, hidup! hidup Mahathir! and later they will ask  “menatang apa merito ape..?” One smart alec will chip in “..yang engko terlompat lompat ….jerit jerit hidup tadi tuh…apasal?) and they just scratch head and….what the heck…..and continue with the shouting and hailing.

O.k back to this meritocracy. drM vision on racial intergration in my opinion is polished, if read his book “The Malay Dilemma”. The only point I disagree with him in the book is about the genes of the Malay race. Dr M was thinking of the Chinese and Indian votes at that time, I think. Though he  would not want to lose support of the Malays, he felt that it was the right time to “bring up” this issue of meritocracy. 

A few years ago, my son was selected into “Scheme Pelajar Cermerlang” and was given the opportunity i.e scholarship, irregardless of the parent background. Bright or brainy student should be given opportunity, incentive and priority to excel in their study. They are the selected few or we shall say that about 10% of the group of same academic year. These student are an asset to the nation.

Let us discuss about the recent outburt of UITM student(instigated by this guy Ibrahim Abu Shah) to demo against a mere suggestion of Tan Sri khalid Ibrahim MB of selangor. Khalid merely suggested UITM to open it door(10%) to non-bumi student.  The reason is to improve bumi with better competitiveness and exposure. This give an advantage to bumi student for the need of globalisation. Why the outburst? because the PM Badawi racist sentiment and his failure to understand meritocracy. He is just like the UMNO morons that I have mentioned earlier.


Written by machitam

September 1, 2008 at 4:02 am

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